1. Transversals and Parallel Lines
  2. Perpendicular and Parallel LinesThrough a Given Point
  3. Perpendicular Lines-Regents Question
  4. SOH CAH TOA Right Triangle Trigonometry
  5. 45º 45º 90º Special Triangles
  6. Median of a Trapezoid Theorem
  7. Median of a Trapezoid Theorem: Regent’s Question
  8. Area of a Sector
  9. Intersecting Secants Theorem
  10. Intersecting Secants Theorem: Regent’s Question
  11. How to Construct an Equilateral Triangle
  12. Reflections (x-axis, y-axis, y=x, and line x=-2)
  13. Circles: Regents Question
  14. Area of a Cone
  15. Golden Ratio