Algebra 2: Factor by Grouping

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Factor By Grouping: Hard to solve? No.  Hard to remember? Yes.

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Brain Teaser

School’s out!!!:) Since the summer season is in full swing, I thought I’d celebrate by looking at a brain teaser.  I found this online, it involves some common sense, some logic, and some colorful boats.  Well here goes……

At the local model boat club, four friends were talking about their boats.

There were a total of eight boats, two in each color, red, green, blue and yellow. Each friend owned two boats. No friend had two boats of the same color.

Alan didn’t have a yellow boat. Brian didn’t have a red boat, but did have a green one. One of the friends had a yellow boat and a blue boat and another friend had a green boat and a blue boat. Charles had a yellow boat. Darren had a blue boat, but didn’t have a green one.

Can you work out which friend had which colored boats?

Check your answer here.

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