Hi there and welcome to MathSux! I’m Laura, a former math teacher turned data analyst who has worked in several NY high schools and have noticed a few theories people have about math, most notably that it sux! Whatever feelings you may have towards the subject I hope this blog makes your life just a little bit easier during those test cramming, homework-head scratching, and desperate “I need a lesson now!” moments. For the latest FREE math lessons, videos, practice questions and more don’t forget to sign up and subscribe here. Happy calculating! 🙂

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Former math teacher. Wait, did you say former!? Why yes I did, I left the classroom recently to pursue a Master’s Degree in Statistics to gain even more mathematics knowledge! Muwahaha! Now that my brain is exploding with all this math and teaching experience, I can’t help but unload all of my knowledge here for students, teachers, and parents like you! I still tutor math when I can and update my Youtube channel and blog with new videos every week.  Glad my Masters degree in Mathematics Education is still going to good use!

If there is anything specific you want me to go over that you don’t yet see, please don’t hesitate to comment below! And for the latest blog posts, don’t forget to check out this page hereHappy calculating! 🙂


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