Geometry mathsux

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Geometry mathsux
Transversals & Parallel Lines
Geometry mathsux
SOH CAH TOA Right Triangle Trigonometry
Median of a Trapezoid (Regents)
Intersecting Secants Theorem (Regents)
Geometry mathsux
Golden Ratio
Square Inscribed in a Circle
Area of a Parallelogram
Geometry Cheat Sheet
Construct an Angle Bisector
Congruent Triangles
Circle Inscribed in Triangle

Geometry mathsux
Perpendicular + Parallel Lines
45 45 90 Degree Special Triangles
Geometry mathsux
Area of a Sector
Geometry mathsux
How to Construct an Equilateral Triangle
Circles (Regent’s)
Central Angles Theorems
Inscribed Angles in a Circle
Construct a 45 Degree Angle
Dilations & Scale Factor
Legs of Right Triangle
Circle Theorems

Geometry mathsux
Perpendicular Lines (Regents)
Median of a Trapezoid
Geometry mathsux
Intersecting Secants Thorem
Volume of a Cone
Geometry mathsux
30 60 90 Special Triangles
Construct a Perpendicular Bisector
Similar Triangles
Perpendicular Line Through a Point
Construct Altitudes of a Triangle
Construct a Parallel Line

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