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Algebra: Arithmetic Sequences

In this post, we’re going to go over arithmetic sequences. We’ll see what arithmetic sequences are, breakdown their formula, and solve two different types of example………

Fibonacci Sequence

What is a sequence? A sequence is a specific list of numbers where each subsequent term is based on the previous term forming a pattern. Sequences can be infinite and go on forever, or they can be finite and end after only 5 terms. In this post, we are going to dive into one the…

Circle Inscribed in a Triangle

Greetings and welcome to MathSux! This post explores how to construct a circle inscribed in a triangle using a compass and straightedge. First we will find the Angle Bisector of each vertex of triangle ABC, then we will locate the incenter, measure the radius and use our compass to sketch and inscribe a circle into…

How to Construct a Parallel Line

Greeting math friends! In todays post, we are going to be learning how to construct a parallel line using a compass and straightedge. Just a reminder, parallel lines are lines with the same slope and go in the same direction without ever intersecting. Please check out the GIF and step by step tutorial on how…

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