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Welcome to the fabulous and very free cheat sheets page! Here you will find everything you need to know to pass Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2 Trig. and more!

All you have to do is print and click the following to help you study for your next test! Hope you find these 100% FREE and downloadable math cheat sheets on the following subjects helpful! Good luck and happy calculating! 🙂

Below are the free .pdf downloadable MathSux cheat sheets for each of the following subjects:

  1. Algebra Cheat Sheet
  2. Geometry Cheat Sheet
  3. Algebra 2/Trig Cheat Sheet
  4. Derivative Rules Cheat Sheet
  5. Circle Theorems Cheat Sheet
  6. Trig Identities Cheat Sheet

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Cheat Sheets

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Topic and Regents Review:

Are you looking to review in preparation for a final test or NYS Regents? Then please check out these free regents prep resources and links below that may also be of help! Each link will bring you to a playlist that goes over each test one question at a time!

Algebra Common Core Regents Review (2020)

Algebra Common Core Regents Review (2021)

Geometry Common Core Regents Review (2020)

Algebra 2/Trig Common Core Regents Review (2020)

Is there a certain type of cheat sheet you’re looking for you don’t yet see here? Is there something we forgot to include? What kind of test are you studying for and/or teaching? Would love to know who out there finds these helpful, so I can continue making them! Let me know in the comments and good luck on your test!

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