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Just for Fun mathsux

Welcome to the “Just for Fun!” page! Below you will find a list of fun math lessons, naturally occurring math phenomena, TikTok videos and more! If you’re looking to make math suck just a little bit less, think about Subscribing to our Youtube channel for the latest MathSux videos updated every week! Thanks for stopping by and happy calculating!

Just for Fun mathsux
Golden Ratio
‘Math Suks’ Jimmy Buffet lyrics
What is “Flatten the Curve” ?
Perspective Drawing
Why “MathSux”?
Derivative Examples and Cheat Sheet
Olympic Statistics
Fibonacci Sequence Explained

Just for Fun mathsux
NYE Ball Fun Facts
Other Math Resources
Volume at Hudson Yards
Math Jewelry Review
Volume of a Cube
How to Study Math?

Just for Fun mathsux
Just for Fun mathsux
TikTok Video Compilations
NumWorks Calculator Review
Origami and Volume
Mobius Bands
Top Math Books

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