NumWorks Calculator Review

Greeting math friends and welcome to MathSux! In today’s post we are going to review and take a look at how to use the graphing calculator available by the French company, NumWorks.

In this NumWorks calculator review, first impressions are that this is a serious competitor for Texas Instruments and offers more features than a typical calculator with a focus on statistics, data analysis, and even computer programming! Check out the video below to see the un-boxing, full review, and how to use this calculator step by step. Happy calculating! 🙂

NumWorks Calculator Stand Out Features:

NumWorks Calculator Review

1) The Home Screen: Works and looks like apps on an iPhone. It is super easy to use, and includes apps such as the regular graphing calculator we’re all used to, as well as, Python, Statistics, Probability, Equation Solver, Sequences, and Regression.

2) The Equation Solver: Punch in any function and find it’s x-values and discriminant! Very cool!

3) Python: Yes, this calculator is programmable via Python! It also includes pre-made scripts that you can easily run. This is great for aspiring programmers and important for today’s economy.

4) Exam Mode: Teachers can make students put their calculators in exam mode and watch their students calculators light up in red to prove there’s no cheating funny business going on! Warning though, this will delete all of your data including the pre-made Python scripts. But you can always hit the reset button in the back to reset.

NumWorks Calculator Review

Did I mention math teacher’s can potentially get a free calculator from NumWorks? Check out the link here!

Has anyone else tried this graphing calculator from NumWorks? What were your first thoughts? Let me know in the comments and happy calculating!

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