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Algebra: Arithmetic Sequences

In this post, we’re going to go over arithmetic sequences. We’ll see what arithmetic sequences are, breakdown their formula, and solve two different types of example………

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Angle Bisector Definition & Example

Hi everyone and welcome to another fabulous week of MathSux! I bring to you the first construction of the back to school season! In this post, we are going to go over the angle bisector definition and example. First, we will define what an angle bisector is, then we’ll take our handy dandy compass and … Continue reading “Angle Bisector Definition & Example”

How to Find Expected Value

Greeting math friends! Today, we are going to dive into statistics by learning how to find the expected value of a discrete random variable. To do this we will need to know all potential numeric outcomes of a “gamble,” as well as be able to repeat the gamble as many time as we want under … Continue reading “How to Find Expected Value”

How to Solve for Exponents

Greetings math peeps! In today’s post, we are going to look at how to solve for exponents. At this point, we are familiar with solving for unknown variables within an equation, but never before did we have to solve for an exponent! Understanding how to do this and what method(s) to use will take our … Continue reading “How to Solve for Exponents”

How to Tell if Something is a Function?

Greetings math peeps and welcome to MathSux! In todays post we will be exploring how to tell something is a function or not. We’ll start off by defining what a function is, go over its notation, and then look at several different examples of how to recognize a function in different formats including function maps, … Continue reading “How to Tell if Something is a Function?”


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