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Algebra: Arithmetic Sequences

In this post, we’re going to go over arithmetic sequences. We’ll see what arithmetic sequences are, breakdown their formula, and solve two different types of example………

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How to Study Math

Greetings math friends! Today we are going to go over a question I get asked a lot, which is “How Do You Study Math?” How to study math, what a question! There is really only one way that I’ve ever known and that is to practice questions, over and over again. That is the basic … Continue reading “How to Study Math”

Shape Transformations in Math

Hi everyone and welcome to another week of MathSux! In today’s post, we are going to go over all the different types of shape transformations in math that we’ll come across in Geometry! Specifically, we’ll see how to translate, reflect, rotate, or dilate a shape, a line, or a point. There are also specific coordinate … Continue reading “Shape Transformations in Math”

Geometry Constructions

Greetings math friends! In today’s post we are going to go over several geometric constructions you’ll need to know in order to pass Geometry! We’ll go over each kind of geometric construction one step at a time with compass and straightedge. Geometry constructions can be a lot of fun and a great part of math … Continue reading “Geometry Constructions”

Translation Math

Greeting math peeps! Today we are going to talk about translation math in reference to transformations and geometry! Translations are a type of transformation where we take a point, line, or shape and move it up, down, left, or right on a coordinate plane. A shape retains its angles, lengths, and direction after a translation, … Continue reading “Translation Math”


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