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Algebra: Arithmetic Sequences

In this post, we’re going to go over arithmetic sequences. We’ll see what arithmetic sequences are, breakdown their formula, and solve two different types of example………

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How to find the Area of a Parallelogram: Geometry

Hey math peeps! In today’s post, we are going to go over how to find the area of a parallelogram. There is an easy formula to remember, A=bh, but we are going to look at why this formula works in the first place and then solve a few examples. Just a quick warning: The following … Continue reading “How to find the Area of a Parallelogram: Geometry”

Quadratic Equations with Two Imaginary Solutions

Hi everyone and welcome to MathSux! In today’s post we are going to be solving quadratic equations by using the quadratic formula. You may have used the quadratic formula before, but this time we are working with quadratic equations with two imaginary solutions. All this means is that there are negative numbers under the radical … Continue reading “Quadratic Equations with Two Imaginary Solutions”

Factor By Grouping Examples: Algebra

Hey there math peeps and welcome to MathSux! In today’s post we are going to cover factor by grouping examples, a surprisingly cool and easy factoring method used to factor quadratic equations when “a” is greater than one. It can also be used to factor four term polynomials. We are going to look at an … Continue reading “Factor By Grouping Examples: Algebra”

Free High School Math Resources

Greetings math friends! Today’s post is for the New York state teachers out there in need of a lesson boost. In this post, we’ll go over what MathSux has to offer for free high school math resources including videos, lessons, practice questions, etc. Remember everything you see here is 100% free and designed to make … Continue reading “Free High School Math Resources”


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