Perpendicular Lines through a Given Point: Geometry

Ahoy math peeps! I’m writing this during the time of the coronavirus, and although, the NYS Regents tests may be canceled, online zooming is still on! From the good ole’ days of test-taking and sitting in a giant room together, I bring to you a Regent’s classic, a question about how to find perpendicular lines through a given point. We will go over the following Regents question, starting with a review of what perpendicular lines are. Stay curious and happy calculating! 🙂

Perpendicular Lines: When two lines going in opposite directions come together to form a perfect 90º angle! Sounds magical, am I right? Check it out for yourself below:

Perpendicular Lines through a Given Point
Perpendicular Lines through a Given Point

A super exciting feature of these so-called perpendicular lines is that their slopes are negative reciprocals of each other. Wait, what?

How do we do this? Now it is time to go back and answer our question!

First, our equation 2y+3x=1 looks kind of cray, so let’s get it back to normal in y=mx+b form:

Need more of an explanation? Check out the video that goes over these types of questions up on Youtube (video at top of post) and let me know if you have still any questions.

Happy Calculating! 🙂

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