4 Ways to Factor Trinomials: Algebra

Greeting math peeps and welcome to MathSux! In this post, we are going to go over 4 ways to Factor Trinomials and get the same answer, including, (1) Quadratic Formula (2) Product/Sum, (3) Completing the Square, and (4) Graphing on a Calculator.  If you’re looking for more don’t forget to check out the video and practice questions below.  Happy Calculating! 🙂

Also, if need a review on Factor by Grouping or Difference of Two Squares (DOTS) check out the hyperlinks here!

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We will take this step by step, showing 4 ways to factor trinomials, getting the same answer each and every time! Let’s get to it!

4 Ways to Factor Trinomials

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(1) Quadratic Formula:

4 Ways to Factor Trinomials


(2) Product/Sum:

4 Ways to Factor Trinomials____________________________________________________________________

(3) Completing the Square:

4 Ways to Factor Trinomials____________________________________________________________________

(4) Graph:

4 Ways to Factor Trinomials

Choose the factoring method that works best for you and try the practice problems on your own below!

Practice Questions:

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 3.09.58 PM


Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 3.10.30 PM

Want a review of all the different factoring methods out there?  Check out the ones left out here (DOTS and GCF) and happy calculating! 🙂

For even more ways to factor quadratic equations, check out How to factor by Grouping here! 🙂

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